Friday, March 09, 2007


Niger Document--Etiology in 1990's

If Silvio Berlusconi gave Bush the Niger documents in October 2001, Bush had to be ecstatic. They still had to be vetted though. The CIA trashed them and Cheney asked the guy at the beginning of the whole thing to convene a meeting with the intent to legitimize them. That guy was Michael Ledeen--Iran Contra bagman, fluent speaker of Italian, close associate of fascist elements in SISMI and the Italian defense ministry.

Ledeen, who I knew well at Washington University in the 70's wrote creepy biographies of Italian fascist of the 1920's. Ledeen is close to the Likudniks, Harold Rhode, Doug Feith and the convicted spies within the Department of Defense.

Wilson was sent to Niger by the CIA to validate that the documents were bogus--not investigate their veracity. These documents were created well before 9/11. Why.

This is where it gets really ugly for politicians who inductively follow the etiology of the forgeries. It involves the right wing in Israel and their belief that the best way to get to Iran (the enemy) was through Baghdad. Ledeen, Rhodes, et. al are close to the Likud right wing.

Congress should haul in Ledeen first, then the others including Berlusconi, Pollari, Martine as well as convicted felons: Weisman and Rosen.

This cabal goes way back into the 1990's and it involves treason.

William Spier

Brooklyn, NY

March 9, 2007 8:20 AM

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Libby, Niger and Treason

Now, with Lewis “Scooter” Libby convicted of perjury, obstruction and lying to federal investigators, the origins of the U.S. attack on Iraq is finally getting a bit of play in the dunces’ news outlets—the networks. The cloud over the office of the vice President that Fitzgerald referred to in his trial summation is: making public the name of a covert intelligence agent (illegal if Cheney did it, and he did) and the outright lying to the American public on the evidence that ginned up frenzy for an attack on Iraq.

The why of all this hideous history is on the mind of at least several million of the American citizenry. So why is the Congress dodging the questions? Not all are stained from the black dye that was the vote to allow attack under low barrier conditions. (You’re not going to get any noise out of Hillary Clinton.) But, why have not hearings started on the matter? Perhaps, this conviction of Libby will embolden those who can convene the hearings.

There is a good short article on Libby, Cheney and the Niger “affair” by David Lindorff in today’s Commondreams.org. Although, I among many, have followed the damaging actions of traitors like Michael Ledeen (Iran-Contra bagman), Harold Rhodes and felon Larry Franklin for years, the big question a hearing will zero in on is this: If Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi brought the forged Niger document s to the White House in October 2001 and they were trashed by the CIA, how come Bush used those 16 words in his 2003 State of the Union Address? Certainly, if these documents were the juice he needed to attack Iraq, he would have read them when Berlusconi gave them to him in October. HE KNEW THEY WERE PHONEY THEN.

Meanwhile, Cheney was working with his gang to give the forgeries real life. Hence, the meeting in Rome was convened in December, 2001 where Ledeen, Franklin, fascists in the Italian government et al. hatched plan re-routing the forgeries through Britain for legitimization. (What did Blair know ?)

Bush had to know that this was in process and had to silence CIA Director Tenent in order to use the Niger forgeries. They got to him. Cheney, who was the facilitator and nerve center of all this, got pissy after he read Joe Wilson's op-ed in the NY Times.

Bush knew everything all along. But first, the Congress must subpoena Ledeen, Rhodes, Libby, Franklin, Tenent and Cheney. They have got to do it soon before Libby is pardoned. He has to be squeezed by the congress in public.

William Spier, Ph.D.

Brooklyn, NY

3:00 P.M.

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