Wednesday, January 24, 2007


SOTU: Bend Over Suckers

Read the little stuff. Forget the convoluted health insurance scheme; it’ll never fly once folks realize it’s about taking another step toward cutting your employer loose from contributing to your healthcare. Don’t forget that this thug and his class came to power to loot the treasury and jettison taxes on the richest Americans. No lie; that was their goal. The dumb klutz the dumb klutzes elected was to be a diversion while industrial guys offloaded our jobs to slaves in China; investment bankers made money off our a huge national debt; and media barons consolidated the airways and became the house organ for the GOP. Forget the GOP Congress; to these interests, they were just a bunch of hicks who could be bought. True enough.

And forget the chatter about Iraq. We are getting out of there and congressional players like Hagel, Murtha, Biden and Levin are working closely with the generals Bush dissed to come up with a withdrawal plan. The Libby trial will help keep traitor Cheney in the news though. But, he had to be licking his lips when Bush mentioned strategic oil reserves.

The remainder of the speech was B.S. Doubling the oil reserves? The world is awash in oil; there ain’t no shortage—just OPEC and Exxon, RD, and Chevron. Since the Democratic Congress wants to cut huge subsidies to big oil, don’t worry, they will get the money anyhow: We will slurp all their surpluses with our tax dollars. Real cash, not crappy paper we sell the Party slave masters in China. Cool, big oil will get $billions directly from the treasury and create a short (or medium term) term shortage of the petrol at the pump. Bend over suckers.

The Real Stuff

When Bush finally got to immigration reform, he said he wanted to “give employers the tools to verify the legal status of their workers.” Hold on partner; how ya’ gonna do that without violating the Constitution’s prohibition of the state keeping tabs on all its citizens?

Remember the talk of a national identity card back in 2003 and 2004? The work behind the scenes continues even if the issue was besmirched then. Yes Virginia, there is an American version of the Stasse, KGB, Securitatae, being organized right now, and Bush wants you to know that. Money is flowing out of the government now to corporate sources like Choice Point to come up with ways for “readers” to pick up on data circuits embedded at birth. Everything about you, everything will be there for a fascist government to use. The technology is there and is cheap.

Put this together with Alberto Gonzales’s declaration that habeas corpus is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution and their ideology and designs come into focus: they want a totalitarian state for the benefit of big corporations.

No unions, no labor costs, no agitators, no freedom.

William D. Spier, Ph.D

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


The Truth About The Bush Administration is Finally out.

None Of our present problems are George Bush's fault. The cause of all
our problems from health care to Iraq are the fault of a rubber stamp
ordered by Vice President Cheney. He ordered that all documents
entering the Whitehouse had to be stamped with this particular rubber
stamp, for neo-conservative security purposes, before delivery to the

The substance of the message embedded on the rubber stamp was
customized to keep Bush happy and pliable.

When the stamp was used to stamp a document the result was a bright red
ink warning that read "BURN BEFORE READING."

President Bush is, and always has been, allowed one book of matches a day.


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