Friday, January 12, 2007


It's messier than you think

Yesterday’s skewering of Condi Rice was long overdue but short on real hard questions. Excepting Senator Boxer, who confronted Rice with the administration’s string of lies, no one asked the most important question: Why does the United States need a military air base north of Baghdad in Balad almost as large as Kennedy? As I said in my blog below --“The Big Issue Left Out of the First 100 Hours”, the silence from the press and Congress on this staging area for air attacks on Iran is nothing less than duplicitous. I listened to the hearings and no one went further than asking if attacking Iran was being planned. Of course it is “on the table”.

But the whole mess is a lot more messy than neocon dreams of attacking Iran and making it hell for Hezbollah—this era’s enemy of Israel.

All the inherent contradictions in Bush’s speech Wednesday were obvious and the Senators picked up on them. What if the Iraq “government” cannot muster the unity to bring order to the chaos? Do we cut and run? In just about all of Bush’s public speeches, he refers to the goal of an Iraq sovereign state and a democratic Iraq. But he could care less about this. It is all a smokescreen that allows the military time to establish huge military bases in Iraq. And here is where it gets messier: the real enemy, Saudi Princes, hauled Cheney's fat ass over to Riyadh in December and told the jerk that under no circumstances do we withdraw from Iraq.

There you have it. Bush has delusions, AIPAC and the neocon Likudniks want to neutralize Iran’s boogey men buddies Hezbollah; and the Saudis, the hyperdrive Sunnis, dread a Shiite takeover of the oil in Iraq. With Shiites in control of Iraqi and Iranian oil, there goes their OPEC control and all its attendant perks.

One final thing on the lunatic Likudniks (Ledeen and all the other armchair Napoleons): Having to deal with the chaos in Baghdad is merely an interregnum in their grand plan to use the military to threaten Iran and give Israel support if they decide to send bombers over Iran. Do you think that 18 year old grunt from Henrietta, Oklahoma knows the real reason he is headed to death or maiming?

Cost of this war of choice is 400 billion. To all those who voted for Bush: thanks a lot suckers. Now your children and grandchildren will never climb out of the dismal existence you’ve gifted them. Unless you happen to work for Goldman Sachs or Exxon.

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