Friday, March 09, 2007


Niger Document--Etiology in 1990's

If Silvio Berlusconi gave Bush the Niger documents in October 2001, Bush had to be ecstatic. They still had to be vetted though. The CIA trashed them and Cheney asked the guy at the beginning of the whole thing to convene a meeting with the intent to legitimize them. That guy was Michael Ledeen--Iran Contra bagman, fluent speaker of Italian, close associate of fascist elements in SISMI and the Italian defense ministry.

Ledeen, who I knew well at Washington University in the 70's wrote creepy biographies of Italian fascist of the 1920's. Ledeen is close to the Likudniks, Harold Rhode, Doug Feith and the convicted spies within the Department of Defense.

Wilson was sent to Niger by the CIA to validate that the documents were bogus--not investigate their veracity. These documents were created well before 9/11. Why.

This is where it gets really ugly for politicians who inductively follow the etiology of the forgeries. It involves the right wing in Israel and their belief that the best way to get to Iran (the enemy) was through Baghdad. Ledeen, Rhodes, et. al are close to the Likud right wing.

Congress should haul in Ledeen first, then the others including Berlusconi, Pollari, Martine as well as convicted felons: Weisman and Rosen.

This cabal goes way back into the 1990's and it involves treason.

William Spier

Brooklyn, NY

March 9, 2007 8:20 AM

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