Wednesday, February 14, 2007


House Debate on Iraq: What is Really Being Said by Republicans

By: William D. Spier, Ph.D

Republican leaders, and I assume with help from the White House, circulated “debate points” which yesterday ad nauseam spilled from congressional mouths like so many rotten teeth. No doubt the most repulsive “debate point” is the one that vomits out racist attacks on Muslims, or, psst….brown skinned Arabs. The debate term used was radical Islamists. Fittingly, Ii was the center point of the spew from the Republican Southern congressional delegation. Deep in the heart of the South racism took its ugly turn toward the next 150 years during Reconstruction. It played well on the disenfranchised and illiterate white man, who is not so much illiterate today as just plain ignorant of reasons he cannot get a piece of the American Dream. All of which brings me to this…

Barack Obama. The way I see it is that the spew from the mouths of these hideous men is paving the way for a direct assault on Barack Obama over the next year. If he is on the ticket and able to pull some of the middle class white vote away from the Republican nominee, the South might experience a sea change in the composition of its congressional delegation; and some of these hideous men will be out of a job. These guys remind me of the worst loudmouths I encountered at college fraternities: stupid and without any grace. Once gone, it will be very difficult to resurrect this type.

For now though, these guys are saying that if we don’t war now against the radical Islamists, they will attack us on our own soil. It will not be a big leap to overlay this racism on an Obama campaign for the presidency. Can you trust this man, Barack Hussein Obama?

The other debate points circulated were played out the last few years: not supporting the troops; we will be “staying the course” if we do not escalate the “war”; freedom and democracy for the Iraqis and al Qaeda will destabilize the region. Meanwhile, not one of them said that our troops are getting mauled by Saudi supported Sunnis.

I expect more of the sludge today.

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