Friday, January 05, 2007


The Big Issue Left Out of the First 100 Hours

The one issue left off the Democratic congressional first 100 days agenda is the one that could change the world for decades and lead the U.S. into chaos: news all over the Israeli press that the U.S. will attack Iran by air this year. Pushed by Bibi Netanyahu and New York and Washing based Likudniks, the Bush administration’s militant right wing—headed by Cheney’s team including fascist advisor Michael Ledeen are ready to attack. The thoroughly befuddled Bush already has the 7th fleet off the coast of Iran.

Don’t think for one moment that the proposed augmentation of U.S. forces in Iraq is aimed at securing Baghdad. For us, that fight is over and we lost. The permanent air bases north of Baghdad will require fortification on the ground if we strike Iran and new forces will end up closer to that place than downtown Baghdad. Bush has shown us to be delusional and committed to Apocalytpic Revelation. With the corporate takeover of Iraq plan shattered, all that is left for Bush are his delusions and he has been convinced by Cheney and the Likudniks that Iran is the reason for the failure of the corporate takeover.

An attack on Iran would inflame the entire Middle East and Muslim world; just what Netanyahu and the Israeli rightwing want. Where is the benefit for the United States? Hezbollah and al Qaeda will be unleashed as this act of war justifies true international terrorism. The United States will be hit big , and often.

This insanity has been in the news for a few years. The Likudnik nuts in and around the Pentagon funnel their insane crap through Cheney to Bush. This is well known. However, for the corporate press, the alarm bells really started to ring in 2006 (see Washington Post: “U.S. Is Studying Military Strike Options on Iran?” The military was broken and the generals needed the public to know why.

And, Israel has made it clear that it has the bomb and will use it. (See Justin Raimondo “Israel Not alone’")

If mere mortals, such as myself, can follow these developments on the Net, certainly Democrats like Carl Levin should soon begin to ask questions about Iran and Bush regime intentions. Here is a place to start: Haul in the civilian Napoleons in the Pentagon and ask about the purpose of the permanent bases and the troop escalation; and, bring Rice before Congress and ask straight out if Bush intends to strike Iran without congressional consultation. Let her do the lying for them.

A Democrat Congress will make a huge error if it thinks that anything else is more important to the majority electorate than the lies, violence and waste that is the Iraq incursion. The corporate media just cannot blackout all the news of this national nightmare. If the average guy paid closer attention to Middle East developments like the saber rattling over Iran, the alarm bells would reverberate throughout this nation. Excluding the delusional folk who believe that Jesus is coming soon --(Anyone want odds; I’ll book)—Americans would be clamoring for impeachment and trial ASASP—that is if they were not so lazy about finding out the truth.

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