Thursday, December 07, 2006


Falling into Madness, The Shadow Government, and Some Other Thoughts

One would have to agree with Russ Feingold that the substance of the ISG (Iraq Study Group) report misses the point. Iraq was the probably the most damaging foreign adventure in United States History and we have got to set a timetable to get out now. Neither group leader, Jim Baker, nor the other members of the group,” who are all Washington insiders, can say what really needs to be done. Get out now and save lives; and talk to Iran, the only democracy in the region. Baker and old man Bush are really Saudis, so the idea that anyone will air the awful realities of that cesspool is out of the question. And Israel? It has been taken over by extremists supported in the U.S. by a vicious lobby of Likudniks like Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen.  Let us not forget that everyone of those in this group to a one supported this war.  So don't expect them to recommend that we get the hell out now. It's gonna get worse.

More damaging than the Viet Nam incursion which saw over 55,000 combat deaths, this Iraq blunder now threatens to send an entire oil rich region into chaos. Except for pockets of astounding unawareness of the long term effects on our economy and world status in states like Alabama and Texas, voters generally expressed revulsion over events of the past six years and worry about the future.

Me, I am not sure Bush can last out his term. I spent enough of my Ph.D. years studying social psychology and mass psychoanalysis to recognize a person who is delusional and narcissistic. These wonderful character traits, passed from his vile mother, reveal themselves in sadism—another one of Mr. Bush’s personality attributes. Was his father’s breakdown in Florida this week really about son Jeb’s dead end future, or the pain of seeing his son, the president, descend into madness and wreak international political havoc? Probably both. It was pathetic. There may come a time soon when Jr. –and others--will realize that he cannot function in this office.  Today, he evoked the 9/11 thing again. That is why….

....this week, MAYBE saw a defacto political coup and with it more national nightmare. Bush has been taken down and possible take out as generalissimo by Jim Baker (Carlisle Group and Saudi Jim) as the window dressing of Sandra Day O’Connor, Charles Robb, Ed Meese stood by to lend him credibility. Meese? Credible? Incredulous.  Condie Rice has been sent shoe shopping at Ferragamo in Dubai and Stephen Hadley could have leaked his memo upon orders from Jim Baker. The yes men of Jr.'s administration will fade into background like so many Chicano cooks in the kitchen. The human junk that makes up the right wing we saw day after day over the corporate airwaves have already retreated into their swamps like like the Heritage Foundation and AEI.

But on the other hand, Jr. is the president and he could rebel against his father's presence in the room and ignore Baker and enjoy another Oedipal struggle.  

The problem with all this—besides the fact that there is an unelected shadow government in formation and a very volatile and troubled president in the Oval Office—is that while we spend our last wealth on the fiasco, we sit by an watch President Putin forge an independent political path for Russia without our input and alliance; and China must be mollified or it will pull the debt plug and go Euro. (By the way, Putin probably had nothing to do with the London Polnium murder. This was a mob hit meant to discredit him. If you read any of the late Litvinenko’s anti-Putin writings, you would think him as mad as Bush. Just like us, Putin’s enemies are big crime figures like Berezovsky).

So as Bush descends further and further into his own cerebral chaos, no one is left to converse effectively with emerging powers. Baker is an oil man; so don’t expect foreign policy to deviate much here.

The only things the Democrats can do over the next two years is try to air the corruption that surrounds the Bush administration, reverse the huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and make legislation that stops the flow of jobs out of this country. Baker will converse with idiots like Joe Biden on foreign policy because Biden is pissed out. But he really will not let tough Democrats like Feingold into the foreign policy assessment mix.  McCain?  Maybe.

If you are one of those people who frets over abortion, gay marriage or any other of the basically meaningless “moral decay” issues, or is an unswerving Republican flag waver, you might be the lucky one.  If these are your preeminent national issues, being so unaware of the actual decay that surrounds you is a blessing. Of course, if you experience an economic reversal, like your job going to China, and you have to beg for a handout—good luck. There are no more Medicaid beds for your aging mother, and dimishing student aid support for that second kid getting ready for college. My advice: Send the kid to Iraq so he can later get college support through the VA. You can learn in college even with one arm and one leg.

William Spier
New York City

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