Saturday, June 03, 2006


Historical Options

When I was young the automobile companies would regularly shut down, retool, and then build their new models. When I was in my middle-age the government would bail out automobile companies with multi-million dollar loans.

Now I am old.

If our American automobile companies were given multi-million dollar loans they could shut down for a couple months, engineer and retool to manufacture plug-in Hybrids with 100 mile per gallon battery setups. I’d take a guess that they would be able to sell them to American consumers for twelve to fifteen thousand dollars and make a reasonable profit.

They—Bush and Big Oil--won’t let it happen.

A candidate with enough guts to make it a plank in their run for office might lose some oil money contributions, but they would absolutely get a lot of votes because of that plank.

Why not?

Terry D. Barhorst Sr

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Sunday, May 28, 2006


DH: Abi-Demian shutting down by June 14

The Abi-Demian served as Taylor County Democrats' online newsletter from Sept. 2004 through the July 2, 2005, picnic.  This blog, DemLog, began in March 2005 and continues to publicize Taylor County Democrats' activities and world, national, state and local news. 
The party/clubs' able leadership have decided to continue the party's online presence with www.taylorcountydemocrats.com, under the webmastership of Mike Cable (mikecable@gmail.com) and not continue the Abi-Demian. 
Thus by the time that the Abi-Demian's current contract expires on June 15, I plan to shut it down, and not pay to continue its hosting online.
Those interested in archived stories on the Abi-Demian (http://www.abi-demian.info/page5.html) have until then to retrieve them.
D. W. Haigler, Jr.
email: Judge@Haigler.Info
cell: 325 829-5959


AP: Iraqi athletes killed for wearing shorts

By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer -- 58 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players were shot to death this week in Baghdad because they were wearing shorts, authorities said Saturday, reporting the latest in a series of recent attacks attributed to Islamic extremists.

In the shooting, gunmen stopped a car carrying the Sunni Arab coach and two Shiite players, asked them to step out and then shot them, said Manham Kubba secretary-general of the Iraqi Tennis Union.

Extremists had distributed leaflets warning people in the mostly Sunni neighborhoods of Saidiyah and Ghazaliyah warning people not to wear shorts, police said.

"Wearing shorts by youth are prohibited because it violates the principals of Islamic religion when showing forbidden parts of the body. Also women should wear the veil," the leaflets said.

No one claimed responsibility for the slayings, which come amid worries that Islamic extremism is spreading in the war-torn country.

Sunni cleric Eid al-Zoubayi denounced the attack.

"Islamic religion is an easy religion and it allows wearing sport shorts as long as they don't show the forbidden parts of the body, so the acts that are targeting the sport are criminal," he said.

Full AP-Yahoo News story. M.C.: I sleep better at night knowing we're exporting Christianity and capitalism to Iraq, even though we have to force them to see the error of their ways and even though thousands of American military are dying to protect freedom in this manner.

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