Sunday, October 08, 2006


We have to have a new direction.

For more than a decade the national and state Republican parties have been walking a fine line between right wing religionists and what might be simply called big money. They have been using the money given them by the puppeteers of big money, such as Mr. Abramoff, and the solid show-up voters who follow the right wing religionist demagogues, to win elections. Nationally, they have been hiding their venality behind a smoke screen of fear of terrorists and a manipulated war. In the states they have skewed and manipulated programs with excellent titles and little substance.

It has been published again and again that those in power, are removing money from programs that help children receive adequate medical care. This is especially true here in Texas.

This same Republican regime wants to give Texas land to foreign “big money.” They have already stated they will use eminent domain to remove Texas families who have farmed and ranched on that Texas land for generations. Even those who once called themselves Republican and now claim the title of independent have condemned this act.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry has stated that no one has come up with anything better. That is a lie. Regular and high speed rail has been brought up again and again to be ignored by the Republican power structure. The gasoline, oil, and highway contractors for building, using, and maintaining toll ways would not be needed if electric rail became a reality.

The fine line that the Republicans walk and their excellent titles on bills and statutes both nationally and here in Texas have gutted a poorly working educational system, but have offered no new way of educating children in the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. They only offer more and more standardized testing. In Austin, more than a million dollars was paid out to buy standardized tests labeled “Benchmark Tests” in order to ready our children for the TAKS standardized tests. Whole days, that add up to weeks, are lost to the education of our children so that standardized tests may be given to prepare for standardized tests.

The Republicans have been winning elections with their big money mentors and right wing religionists. All the while, our whole country is losing the promise of generations past, present, and future. Even the Republicans are suffering on their own petard. Our Texas Governor constantly states that the Republican legislature and he have made it possible for property owners to pay, on average, two thousand dollars less property tax. At the same time the Republican elected to Comptroller of Texas states says it is fifty-two dollars less property tax. Try to explain the math in those statements. These are the same Republicans who want to guide our children’s education.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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