Friday, October 06, 2006


Stick The Squealing Pigs We Must

In case you did not hear one Democrat’s response to a feckless attack on his character: yesterday, Rep. Harold Ford (D,TN), was accused of visiting a Playboy party during the last Super bowl. His response:

“I'm not going to take a lecture on morality from a party that took hush money from a child predator.”

Well said. Lucky guy.

Then there is David Brooks, Republican apologist and hack columnist for the NY Times. He said Republican leaders miss the point on the Foley scandal. The problem is a "culture of expressive individualism" represented by The Vagina Monologues. Morality comes down to degrees of restraint. What a jerk. One would think that if you have a set of values that make up a moral worldview, there isn’t much wiggle room. I guess Brooks would say that you don’t clobber a sexual predator, you just manage the behavior.

Hastert took the blame for the mess; but he implied he took it off the shoulders of George Soros, who he said was the real culprit. But Hastert is the big guy and he will have no trouble vacuuming up this small matter. Bush’s response: Denny is a good guy who will do a heckuva job. Boehner is out playing golf.

Hey, the more the rightwing squeals, the more the Democrats should stick the needles in. Republicans and Bush protesteth that this is not a partisan matter. That is bull. This is a Republican matter. They, and only they covered up sordid behavior that could end up with Foley taking a vacation at tax payer’s expense. No one is getting their stories straight. They all panicked before Rove could get to them. It is sort of like straitening out a twisted and bent toy slinky. You just cannot do it.

The nation has much bigger issues than this and its citizenry knows it. But the Foley scandal is additive stuff for the corporate media which has crossed the Rubicon with this one. There are only four weeks before the mid-terms. Iraq and global warming may get worse in that period. But as Yoda would say: “Stick the squealing pigs we must.”

William Spier, Ph.D.
New York City 10/06

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