Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Rightwing Sludge Weighing in on Foley

Dobson’s extreme rightwing Family Research Council and Rush Limbaugh are weighing in on the Foley scandal. Limbaugh suggests that Foley was set up by a page. He said he was not mounting a defense of Foley, just voicing his belief that Foley was the victim of a sting. This reprehensible scum sees nothing wrong with predatory practices by an alleged child sex offender.

Tony Perkins of Dobson's Family Research Counsel said nothing about the offenses committed by Foley; but he felt that Hastert did not reveal anything he knew because he did not want to be considered a “gay basher”. Since when did Dobson, Perkins et al. care that gay bashing is a negative? They have built their fortunes on bigotry. But hey, these guys must have a conscience after all: They don’t want to appear bigoted even if it means a 52 year old sexual predator keeps cover and free from prosecution. Hey Tony, explain this when the rapture comes.

Time for another shower.

William Spier
New York City Oct3


Ya know, I can't even begin to understand the double negative ethics of these people. Apparently they believe that if someone of your bent does one thing really negative to ehtics or law, you should do or say something unethical or unlawful negative to make it a double negative positve.

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