Thursday, October 05, 2006


A House Ethics Investigation? Perhaps

Republican leaders announced that the moribund House Ethics Committee would investigate the Foley scandal. While they are at it, why don’t they add Abramoff, the Hastert land deal, forced abortions in the Northern Marianas and many other House corruption issues to the agenda?

Only kidding. Most Republicans on the Committee could care less about predatory behavior of any kind. It is said that Hastert will also ask the Ethics Committee to consider new rules so that anyone making inappropriate contact with pages be disciplined. In the case of staff, they would be fired; lawmakers would be subject to expulsion, the official said. Whew. I now feel it is safe to allow my 13 year old son on a camping trip with a Republican House member. I cannot wait to tune in CSPAN to their hearings. They could bring in Pat Buchanan, Tony Perkins, and “Take a shower with your son” Dobson to blame the gays for it all. Maybe we will see that Lewinsky dress again. Lieberman will model it for the committee. The hearings will, though, leave an interesting paper trail. I have a feeling the Republicans will not be able to hold the truth back: Hastert, Reynolds and Shimkus allowed Foley to pursue his predatory practices over a protracted period.

We Democrats needed this political gift from Mr. Foley to have a chance to get to the coveted prize of subpoena power. But 25 young Americans died in Iraq this week and the interest on the national debt was revised up 20% for next year. What will be left after the Bush years is nothing short of an American tragedy and gravesites.

I have always been a tolerant person. But if I hear one more brain dead self-declared "conservative" or pious evangelical rant about gay marriage and abortion when this nation is teetering on fascism and bankruptcy, I will vomit on them. Meanwhile, they could do me a favor on November 7: stay home. The battle to save a 225 year old republic of free men, free choice, and the rights of individuals will be fought and preserved by an informed citizenry very soon. You are not in that cohort.

William Spier, Ph.D.
New York City October 5


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