Monday, October 02, 2006


Dennis Hastert--As Corrupt as it Gets

Dennis Hastert, congressional Jabba-The-Hut, is out to cover his fat ass. And this guy is so fat and dirty it will take an entire year’s output of a Chinese fabric mill to cover it. (Please great one, do not make it transparent silk!)

I think there are more sexual predators in Republican right wing ranks than Rep. Foley. I have an itchy feeling that the head of Focus On The Family thug is going to stay quiet on this one. For the life of me, I cannot understand why these guys like Foley are always the ones ranting about gay marriage and sin. I mean, if I were a sexual predator, I would live like Dracula; in the coffin by day and on the road at night. Why are they so self destructive? I don’t know about you, but I am going to keep my 13 year old son away from anyone who smiles like a Republican. I have good reason to….

If you think that Hastert, Boehner, and Frist care the least about protecting underage youth from their congressional buddies, think again. Hastert knew damn well that Foley was one of those (probably rare) gay men who is a true freak and pervert. But in his capacity to cover his fat ass, and that of fascist Republican congressional leadership, he has asked A.G. Gonzales to investigate the henhouse. Gonzales? Forget it. He will participate in the cover-up.

Here's the deal. Hastert’s letter to Gonzales did not ask the A.G. to investigate who knew what and when. What and when does not just mean knowledge of Foley e-mails. It means who knew that Foley was gay and what aberrant ways did he exhibit over the years? Hastert wants Justice to investigate who “read the e-mails” and made the stuff public. By limiting the investigation to this, Hastert avoids culpability. The leak again is the issue, not the perverted behavior of Foley, nor the cover-up by Hastert and his buddies over time. Talk about corruption.

Again, the idea is to get the media to support the cover-up by promoting the bull that Hastert et al. want to get to the truth.

Dennis Hastert knew that Foley was a sexual predator and did nothing about it. That is the issue.

I am going to shower now.

William Spier, Ph.D.
New York City

You have to wonder if a certain percentage of citizen voters are brain dead. I guess I'll know the answer, scientifically, after the results on the House come in this November.


The WH does not know why this such a to do over "just naughty e-mails"

What local newspapers will say is really important. If they are silent, the brain dead will stay brain dead

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