Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Why are we allowing the free world to be destroyed right in front of us?

I have just read several articles on the the arctic and the Greenland ice sheet, and , how "Global Warming" has accelerated the melting of thousands of years of compiled ice in the last 5 years. I also read as much of S. 3886--AKA the "Bill Frist’s “Terrorist Tracking, Identification, and Prosecution Act of 2006,” (S. 3886) would combine the Cheney-Specter Bill to allow warrantless spying on Americans with military tribunals legislation that would gut the Geneva Conventions and allow secret evidence to be used to convict detainees held in Guantanamo."

While all the time denying truth and guilt while accusing those who protest, the Republican regime of Bush, Rumfeld, and Rove have managed to ignore global warming--even with overwhelming proof available. To whittle away at A Bill of Rights that is part of keeping our country a free nation with free people. To go to war on a pretext that they were too ignorant, too determined to go to war, or just too ignorant to have a double reality check. While at the same time turning the Congress into an unthinking rubber stamp of Executive branch mechinations.

If you wonder how historical tyrants weren't stopped by the citizens of their country before starting military conflagrations and ousting a complete loss of personal control of freedom and life for those very citizens, you have many of the steps staring you right in the face at this moment.

However, you do have a weapon to bring these steps tumbling down. The weapon was given us by our Forefathers. It is the ballot box and the votes cast and placed in it.

Vote as many Republicans as you can out of office this year. If you don't, when you are looking back at your own history, you, yourself and those of the next generation will be wondering why you did nothing while the destroyers took over.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

Moderator: Lone_Star_Democrats

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