Sunday, September 10, 2006


Where Are They?

The Bush administration, and, all its peripheral officials, are putting forth a message anywhere they can get a group together or some free broadcasting time. As if reading from a script they state that the United States has not been attacked since 9/11. Then, they passionately go on to say that many conspiracies to do damage to our country have been thwarted by the diligence of those who work under their leadership.

At that moment, I want to scream out an advertizing phrase that became popular over a decade ago-- "Where's the beef?"

England publically arrests and investigates herds of terrorist conspirators. The Bush administration trots out four they've kept in black prisons and quite possibly tortured.

Where are the public investigations, captures, and trials in this country? They have been few and far between.

Is the Bush administration implying that there are no active terrorist groups in the United States? I would not bet my life on that implication.

However, there is no true oversight from the Republican dominated congress. The Bush administration can make these tinsel statements without any official investigation into them. Why would a Republican want to investigate the veracity of any position or statement that might garner votes in the oncoming election.

If the English "Bobbies" can haul in twenty terrorist suspects in public and start through lawful procedures publicly, why can't the Bush Administration? In my opinion they are spending more of their time investigating and snooping around the public at large, as well as whittling at the Bill of Rights, than they are pursuing terrorists.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

Moderator: Lone_Star_Democrats

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Five years after terrorist attacks on our nation, the Bush Administration has yet to implement the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission. The Republicans have clearly failed to secure our borders and take reasonable steps like cargo screening to prevent future terrorist incidents.

The Bush administration did implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission--in their core constituents' way. The results where broadcasted by ABC just recently. (Big Grimace)

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