Monday, September 18, 2006


Texas Toll Roads Causing Political Showdown

Jack FinkReporting
(CBS 11 News) DALLAS

Toll roads are causing a political showdown between Governor Rick Perry and Dallas County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield. The two leaders are butting heads over the Governor’s plan to build new toll roads to relieve traffic congestion.“This Governor and his administration, including TxDOT, has a policy which is raping people who use tolls,” said Mayfield. He feels that Perry wants to build too many toll roads instead of looking for alternatives.The Governor would have none of it. “If Mr. Mayfield does not want to drive on a toll road, there will still be alternates that are free for him and people who want to travel that way,” said Perry.Last month, critics protested the opening of State Highway 121, which will begin operating as a toll road after November’s elections.Mayfield said that he supports the toll roads planned by the North Texas Tollway Commission because the agency will ensure that the tolls stay as low as possible. He said that the Governor’s policy of having private firms build and operate the new toll roads, including State Highway 121, Highway 161 and the new Loop 9 in Dallas County, means drivers will face higher tolls to help the company earn a profit.The Governor says that the state doesn’t have enough money to build new roads and maintain the existing ones. “The bottom line is, we need to have infrastructure in this state, built today if we’re going to see the continued economic growth in the state of Texas,” Perry said. “I think we’re doing it thoughtfully. I think we’re doing it the right way.”Mayfield, a Republican who is supporting independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn’s bid for governor, disagrees.“We’ve got an election coming up, and if the current Governor loses, and I sure dab-gum hope he does, than this can be changed,” Matfield said.For now, Commissioner John Wiley Price says that the State is in the driver’s seat, and that there is little Dallas County can do to stop toll roads. Both Mayfield and County Judge Margaret Keliher disagree, saying there is still time to fight.


Terry's comment: Just goes to show, the Republicans don't even accept what Perry is doing to the People of Texas.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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