Monday, September 11, 2006


Paper Tiger

Many years ago I heard the term "Paper Tiger " used to describe the United States of America by a very large country that did and does hold a belligerent stance toward our country on many occasions. Now, there a some very small countries, who, by their rhetoric and actions, believe America is a paper tiger.

The Bush administration is proving it by their track record of fumbling throughout the Iraq occupation. The top officials have constantly reenforced the denigrating term by making statements already proven false and shuffling our military assets around like a kindergarten student trying to figure out how to build a tower of blocks that will stand in place when a weight is placed upon the structure.

Recently a ship sailing from North Korea and on its way to Syria was stopped in Cyprus and found to carry military supplies for shooting down aircraft (Click for cite.) The very fact that this ship and its cargo existed to be found out and stopped in Cyprus proves just how unimpressed the two countries are of the "Paper Tigers" that now control the government of our country.

The only place that the Bush administration and its legislative minions who control the Congress of our country are making tough and violent inroads, successfully, is in slowly taking away the rights of Americans. In point-of-fact, this is the only area in which the Bush administration tactics appear to have any success. They are bringing our country closer and closer to the closed and totalitarian enviroments of the worst of the terrorist supporting countries while bleeding away the strength and lives of our armed forces.

Trry D. Barhorst Sr.

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