Friday, September 08, 2006


Issues Column: America Came Together after 9/11

Barbara Ann Radnofsky candidate for the US Senate
Houston, Texas

September 8, 2006 Honoring the anniversary of 9/11 Americans stood in line to donate blood, long after they were told no more blood could be stored. And they still stood in line. Americans wanted to give, they wanted to give of themselves. Everyone wanted to help. We still stand ready and willing to be called upon to help.

Americans are ready to serve their nation in this time of crisis and turmoil. Americans stand ready to help with implementation of a national energy policy that will free us of foreign oil dependence. We stand ready to step forward for our country’s safety and security.

Our government must recommit to our military and veterans' needs, including protective equipment on the battlefield and medical care when our soldiers return. These common sense steps will strengthen our ability to recruit and rebuild our military, and will enhance our military’s effectiveness as a deterrent.

We must honor our commitment to first responders, emergency personnel, and health care providers, and we must build a health care system able to respond to natural disasters as well as man-made attacks. The existence of such a health care system will deter bio-terror, reduce loss of life in a disaster or attack, and build a stronger, healthier America.

America came together after 9-11, and we can do it again.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Seth Davidson
Campaign Manager
email: http://us.f814.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=seth@radnofsky.com
phone: 713-858-6256

Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Katie Floyd
Communications Director
email: http://us.f814.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=katie.floyd@radnofsky.com
phone: 713-858-9391
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