Saturday, September 30, 2006


The Immigrants aren't the problem

Surprised I said that?

I've got a good reason.

As Long as a person can receive a great deal more money for their labor in any location than the one in which they currently reside they are going to move toward the money.

I'm fed up with the "stop the immigrants" political rhetoric. If there weren't jobs, they wouldn't cross borders. I don't care about the "needed stoop labor," moaning, of many of our business sectors, as long as the jobs are there people wanting a better life are going to get around any wall or patrol.

Let's take advantage of this immutable truth I've stated above. Have the government issue licenses to businesses and even private citizens who wish to hire illegal immigrants without having to pay social security or have any later stigma attached to their act.

Each license would have a monthly fee of $100 per illegal employee (quite reasonable.) The license would clearly state that the holder employer must withhold income tax from the employees paycheck and forward that money to the IRS monthly using the License number.

Most importantly, not having a license for each employee must carry large fines and possible criminal action. This must be stated on each license as well as being on the law books.

To put a topper on this, the INS people on the border should be issued Digital Cameras and digital fingerprint pads. All aliens stopped at the border should be photographed with the classic front and side mug shots. All of the above should go into a national database. Those licensed by employers and registered will be noted in the database and no illegal entry noted on their database record. No person seeking illegal entrance and stopped twice at the border should ever be allowed citizenship in the United States. Those beyond the two chances should be placed in detention and databased as a recurring illegal. Any employer hiring such a person shall pay a fine of $1000 for each day of employment. All employers must register their licensed workers in the database.

Anyone have a better idea?

Any Texas Gubernatorial candidates want to pick this up?

Is there anyone out there that isn't cowtowing to those who make large profits on cheap labor?

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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