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Bell: Anti-abortion law won't fly

Democratic candidate for governor Chris Bell said Friday that he would veto proposed attempts to pre-emptively outlaw abortion in Texas in the event that the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

A Houston-area candidate for the state Senate has promised to propose a so-called trigger law during the next legislative session.

"I would veto that," Bell told The Associated Press. "I think the majority of Texans are still pro-choice. I don't think they're pro-abortion, but they understand that there are instances where that very painful choice is going to have to be made."

Bell is facing Republican Gov. Rick Perry, independents Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton Strayhorn, and Libertarian James Werner.

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There are a lot of folks who don't fall neatly into the pro-life or pro-choice column. My guess is that the largest opinion group are mildly pro-choice, but not opposed to banning late term abortion and requiring parental notification for minors. Likewise, a substantial segment of the public is mildly pro-life but opposed to banning abortion in all situations. Democrats need to allow a diversity of opinion on this issue and welcome pro-lifers and pro-choicers nto the party.

A broad based Democratic Party will become a majority party. If our party defines itself by support of absolute abortion rights to the exlusion of all other viewpoints - we continue to be a weak minority party in much of the country. My hope is that the Democratic Party will focus more on economic populism and become recognized again as the party of working families.
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