Monday, September 18, 2006


Brown Shirts Spawn in North Dakota—and at a place nearest you

You tell me why parents who want the best for their children would send them to a brown shirt indoctrination camp like one called: Jesus Camp. I live in NYC and am baffled by what seems to be a cadre of children being brainwashed by really sick adults in North Dakota.

While writing a piece about Dick Chaney, I stopped for a moment today to scan the blogs: left, right and center. At Crooks and Liars I was informed that some kids genuflect in front of a cardboard George Bush at Jeeeeesuz Camp. Folks, it only took a bunch of drunk Munich beer hall thugs to ignite a firestorm. The stuff in this documentary is truly scary.

Follow the Crooks and Liars link to a short ABC story ( on this camp for a glimpse at fringe Christian indoctrination of children—into a life of despair and violence. There is enough in this short ABC piece to come to the conclusion that an off-the-beaten-path church organization might be a nation-threatening spawn. Not that this North Dakota “Children of the Damned” will bring violence to a block nearest me; I live in NYC. They will probably bomb federal buildings and Planned Parenthood clinics nearby in the Upper Midwest.

But, we in NYC may not be immune. As it happens, some west coast evangelical organization has sent me a neighbor. This neighbor has been charged with opening a few of the organization’s churches here. That is their prerogative. (It costs a lot of dough to do that. Who’s footing the bill—your neighbors who have no health insurance?). He’s a friendly guy, this neighbor; and he has a wife who is always smiling. But her three little girls never do. They are like Pitiful Pearl dolls in three different sizes. For nothing, you cannot get these kids to smile and respond to anything you say; and the mother always seems to be at hand. Is she protecting them from what she perceives as moral pollutants: Brooklynites? This weirdness isn’t normal to a New Yawker. We have visions of something really oppressive going on in their home. My kid should be the grinless one: Hewas birthed by a Romanian mother we call “The Last Party Boss”. Even with this bloodline back to Dracula, he has always talked and laughed with everyone who talks to him.

I really feel sorry for my neighbor's little girls.

Anti-democratic movements have flourished under Bush, a petty frat boy whose family had dubious past associations with Nazis. Their followers are told by opportunistic ministers and pastors, and paid organizers, that Bush is on a holy mission to fight the abortionists and Islamic whatevers. Bush is really on one personal and delusional quest, and a real one for the oil patch et al.

I think this neighbor guy of mine is one of those fringe church organizers. He seems very normal though, and intelligent. (Of course, I don’t talk politics with him. He’s not one of us.) Actually, we really don’t need any more churches in Brooklyn; we already have more than any other city in the world. I mean, this is a city where the Catholic Churches sit next to O’Hara’s pub so that parishioners don’t have far to walk from where they slept Saturday night.

Hey, do you have a few of those un-democratic movements growing in your community? Finally, here's words from the Jeeeesuz Camp leader:

Pastor Fisher: I want to see them as radically laying down their lives for the gospel as they are over in Pakistan and Israel and Palestine and all those different places.

William Spier
New York City

Scary! The problem I see is that so many people have watched so many Tv shows and movies, where a government agent hero will show up and abrogate the nasties and their plans for a religious paradise on Earth, they don't believe that this kind of thing can be real. On the other hand, an agent from this government would probably donate your children and a weeks pay to the camp.

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