Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Assailing the words of Bush

Addressing Iraqis specifically in his Umited Nations speech, Bush said, "We will not abandon you in your struggle to build a free nation."

The statement above is another example of Bush putting a spin on words that benefit his needs and not necessarily the truth or the needs of our nation or any other.

By commonly accepted denotation Iraq was a "free nation" before Bush manipulated its invasion and occupation. As an example, Lebanon was not, and, is not a free nation because areas of the country are occupied by troops of other countries.

Only if we had brought about the downfall of Saddam Hussein and then withdrawn from Iraq could could Iraq be called a free nation. In fact, at this point in time, the indigenous insurgents could be called the fighters for a "free nation" against an occupying force.

The real goal should be that Iraq becomes a nation of free people who are choosing their own destiny by their own actions--not necessarily a destiny chosen by Bush.

Democracy is only a word that signifies a set of protocals.

Free People is phrase that signifies a set of human beings who choose their own set of protocols and have the freedom to live in their free nation by those protocols without outside interference or what they precieve as a tyrannical government.

Were I writing the speech I would have written, "We will not abandon our support for the Iraqi people to become a free people within a free nation, for, even though our military presence serves to protect, in its very presence there is a paradox that denies the right of choice to a free people. Therefore we will withdraw from Iraq within the next month. However, if we are called by the people of Iraq or if foreign powers or terrorists show to the world they are interfering in the actions of a free people by words and deeds, we will return."

Of course Bush could never bring himself to read such a paragraph as the one above.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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