Monday, August 28, 2006


What would Lyndon do?

Houston, Texas

August 28, 2006 Radnofsky salutes President Johnson

On the birthday of President Lyndon B. Johnson, we should ask, "What would this great schoolteacher, congressman, and senator from the state of Texas say today?"
He would teach the importance and describe the long-term impact of successful, shoestring-budget programs reducing poverty, providing educational opportunities, and enhancing healthcare for the people of Texas.

Would President Johnson have approved of the theft of private property to support a corrupt series of tolled highways benefiting only private industry and consuming water in quantities our drought-ridden state can never afford?

Would he tolerate the strangulation of college loan programs while his state suffered the number one dropout rate in the nation?

Would he countenance the privatization of Social Security, and twisting Medicare for our seniors into a giveaway for drug companies?

No. He would not.

He would emphasize the importance of health care, economic security, and attention to domestic wellbeing as the necesssary base for fighting terror organizations and taking our place among nations.

He would say that it is only with a working healthcare system and the completion of Medicare as originally envsioned that the country can respond to natural and manmade disasters, thus deterring bioterrorism and other destructive acts perpetrated on us by our enemies.

He would say that only through elimination of our dependence on foreign energy and foreign capital, and elimination of our $500 billlion debt to China that we can free ourselves from a country our president and congress have asked to handle our national security negotiations with North Korea. We cannot be weak and submissive as China manipulates its currency and dumps steel on our markets while the U.S. stands by helplessly.

Happy birthday Mr. President. Your leadership and patriotism are sorely missed.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Texas

Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Seth Davidson
Campaign Manager
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phone: 713-858-6256 Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Katie Floyd
Communications Director
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