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Radnofsky to Hutchison: Its a federal issue

Houston, Texas
August 25, 2006

Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate Barbara Ann Radnofsky responded today to her opponents claims about immigration being a local issue.

When my opponent said through her spokesman that immigration enforcement was a local issue, I strenuously disagreed. We need to recognize that immigration is a federal not a local issue."

Sen. Hutchison believes that we should deal with immigration by shifting costs and enforcement onto local government. Her first wacky proposal took volunteer peace officers with no coordination or border patrol training, and would have had them serve as border patrol, depriving communities of their law enforcement with no compensation. Communities, clergy, and individuals all protested the harms of the bill, which she defended by emphasizing that, since it was voluntary, no one need comply. This must be one of the few times in history that a legislator has proposed a solution to a problem and then defended its flaws by saying, in essence, just kidding.

In a senate floor speech on October 5, Sen. Hutchison explained her philosophy on immigration as a local issue: Enforcing the laws of our country should not be confined to federal authorities when the illegal behavior specifically impacts the state and local communities.i This philosophy would turn every federal issue into a local obligation, and Hutchisons camp took it even farther by saying that immigration enforcement becomes a local obligation even when dealing with priority sites involving national security."ii

My opponents dangerous, unworkable, and radical approach to immigration has been followed up by underfunding the states immigration efforts, strapping Texas overburdened taxpayers, law enforcement, and communities even as her proposals saddle them with limitless enforcement responsibilities. Sen. Hutchison failed to secure a fair share of enforcement and incarceration dollars for Texas, with its long border and the nations worst problem with illegal immigration, garnering only a fraction of the $405 million in State Criminal Alien assistance payments despite the states overwhelming need."iii

I continue to emphasize that we need to stop targeting legal trade and instead target drugs, security, and illegal trade. We need a valid system of workplace enforcement laws, and greater federal funding and responsibilities for immigration. My opponent wants none of these things, and she lacks the ability to put her latest wacky self-deportation idea into a bill and test it in the legislative process. She is mindful that her own party doesnt support this unworkable proposal and that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff distanced himself from self-deportation by refusing to endorse it.iv

See Radnofskys issues chart on her website for details on proposal, positions, and her opponents record on immigration.

i. Congressional Record, October 5, 2005, S 1823
ii. Brownsville Herald, December 18, 2005. This story quoted spokesman Chris Paulitz speaking for Hutchison, dismissing work site enforcement, even at the priority locations involving national security, as not the issue, and when asked about the estimated 11 million undocumented people already in the country, Paulitz said work site enforcement was a local issue.
iii. Dallas Morning News, November 27, 2005r
iv. August 25, 2006, World Net Daily

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Hmmm, everyone should read my previous message on the subject.
Ms. Radnofsky got a good start, but doesn't take it quite far enough.

Hutcheson, of course, will go along with whatever big business tells her. That means status Quo and let the cheap labor alone except for some good sound and video shots of a few dozen illegals getting shuffled back across the border.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.
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