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Radnofsky Responds to Opponent's Immigration Tour

Houston, Texas
August 24, 2006
Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate from Texas, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, responded to her opponent’s immigration tour to the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Radnofsky: “My proposals for immigration reform are serious and workable and are described in detail on my issues chart at www.radnofsky.com. My opponent’s latest ‘self-deportation’ plan is unworkable and unrealistic. Illegal immigrants in this country will not self-deport simply because Sen. Hutchison asks them to. Her wacky partial-fencing proposal has been criticized by head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, who labeled fencing, ‘phenomenally expensive’ and noted in a Dec. 2, 2005 AP story that ‘it wouldn't be particularly effective.’ Her idea for a border wall with holes in it was called a waste of money by her hometown newspaper, the Dallas Morning News.

“Chertoff pointedly noted that this visit to Texas did not mean he endorses my opponent’s plan, and he was dismissive of her round-em-up strategy in 2005, saying ‘The cost of identifying all those people and sending them back would be stupendous. It would be billions and billions of dollars.’”

Radnofsky continued: “We must develop a comprehensive strategy that encourages rather than discourages legal trade between Mexico and Texas, recognizing the harms created by short-sighted trade agreements. NAFTA and CAFTA have attracted millions of illegal immigrants into this country. The U.S. has lost 3 million jobs in manufacturing alone since NAFTA’s passage—one in 6 jobs in that sector. NAFTA supporters claimed that the deal would create a $9 billion trade surplus with Mexico within two years. However the US actually built a $15 billion trade deficit with Mexico in that time period—a figure that has more than doubled in ensuing years."

“Integrated homeland security must train and equip first responders to manage the consequences of disasters and attack, and adopt health care reforms to deter bio-terror attacks, strengthen public health systems and require cooperation and communication between federal/state/local entities and the private sector. Piecemeal, poorly planned, grandstanding wacky proposals like those offered by my opponent do nothing to promote security or progress.”

Radnofsky’s proposals and positions on immigration are detailed on the campaign issues chart on the web site, www.radnofsky.com.

References:Associated Press, December 2, 2005
Fox News, November 28, 2005

Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Seth Davidson
Campaign Manager
email: seth@radnofsky.com
phone: 713-858-6256
Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate 2006
Katie Floyd
Communications Director
email: katie.floyd@radnofsky.com
phone: 713-858-9391

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