Saturday, June 03, 2006


Historical Options

When I was young the automobile companies would regularly shut down, retool, and then build their new models. When I was in my middle-age the government would bail out automobile companies with multi-million dollar loans.

Now I am old.

If our American automobile companies were given multi-million dollar loans they could shut down for a couple months, engineer and retool to manufacture plug-in Hybrids with 100 mile per gallon battery setups. I’d take a guess that they would be able to sell them to American consumers for twelve to fifteen thousand dollars and make a reasonable profit.

They—Bush and Big Oil--won’t let it happen.

A candidate with enough guts to make it a plank in their run for office might lose some oil money contributions, but they would absolutely get a lot of votes because of that plank.

Why not?

Terry D. Barhorst Sr

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