Friday, June 16, 2006


Air America's Randi Rhodes

Joan Jett stopped by Randi's studio on Monday, 6/12I can't breathe!Once again our troops are exploited as a photo-ops and political tools while they die in the streets of Iraq over-deployed, under-equipped and bereft of leadership and a clear understanding of their mission.Hint: The mission is to NEVER leave.House Republicans have taken Karl Rove's talking points and turned them into a 10-hour political stunt. A stupid non-binding resolution stating that corporate war rocks and meaningful debate sucks. This is a game to Republicans...just a game. The House Majority Leader's memo says it all. Sick.And all this is happening while Bush’s new boyfriend, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, shows how much he loves the American occupation by proposing an amnesty plan for prisoners that will likely include pardons for Iraqis that only attacked/killed US troops...this while our troops are still there! Vote like your nation's survival depends on it...because it does. Click here to register.

Thanks for listening.

Love ALLways,Randi

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