Friday, May 05, 2006


Why did Goss Resign?

by Bill Spier

Stephen Colbert stuck the sword in the Decider last weekend, and Ray McGovern gave it to Rumsfeld yesterday. But as long as Bush and Rumsfeld are the borderline psychopaths in the line of sight, the real evil doers in the corporate boardrooms breath a sigh of relief -- as do the Likudniks who are helping plan the attack on Iran. This administration uses scandal to cover plannned violence on the world.

What next? Porter Goss abruptly resigned as CIA chief today. Never mind that corporate media has hinted that this was coming for weeks; the reality may be that Goss, former head the House Intelligence Committee, could have been covorting with Mitchell Wade's real military procurement: hookers -- or something close to that. The Duke (Cunningham) may be another of those bunnies who keeps on giving because the FBI (those zealots) keeps digging into that new fangled Watergate thing.

So here we have half of the Republican leadership chasing female prostitutes in the Watergate Hotel, and half chasing Jeff Gannon -- a flaming male prostitute -- through the halls of the White House.

I already have an altered state of awareness; but how is James Dobson taking in all this sexy stuff?

I think I'll e-mail him.

Editor's note: Focus on the Family's email address is: family@mail-family.org.

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