Tuesday, May 02, 2006


MMfA: National Review editor says Limbaugh smeared over arrest

Arrest mugshot of Limbaugh FridayFox News' Hannity & Colmes, guest host and National Review editor Rich Lowry claimed that nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh, left, was being "smeared" by the media "because you're seeing his picture up on the TV screen with the legend 'arrested' underneath it" after Limbaugh and Palm Beach Country, Florida, state prosecutors reached an agreement on the charge that Limbaugh illegally obtained prescription drugs. Lowry's accusation followed a comment by Fox News legal analyst and defense attorney Mercedes Colwin, who asserted that it is "not true" that "Rush Limbaugh was arrested."

Similarly, a Newsweek article by Arian Campo-Flores and Evan Thomas asserted that the use of the word "arrest" in initial news stories was "misleading." Without explaining what they meant by "misleading," Campo-Flores and Thomas reasoned: "In fact, Limbaugh had pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer had worked out a deal that would cause the single charge to be dropped after 18 months as long as Limbaugh stayed out of trouble and continued to see a doctor who has helped him with an addiction to painkillers." On his May 1 radio show, Limbaugh praised the Newsweek article as "amazing," "straightforward," and "fair" and informed readers that "we've linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com." (Nevertheless, the caption under a photo of Limbaugh accompanying the article on Newsweek's website read: "Limbaugh was arrested Friday on prescription drug charges.")

Full Media Matters for America story.  The article goes on to explain that the big fat blowhard (BFB) was indeed arrested, as a DemLog reprint of a Reuters story also reported here Friday evening, along with the above mugshot.  The exhaustive MMfA story also quotes the BFB saying he spent "millions" fighting this criminal charge and spinning it down to a non-story.

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