Wednesday, May 10, 2006


DH: Dems elect Pettit new county chair Wednesday

Abilene, May 10 -- Taylor County Democrats were set to elect a new county chair at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at party headquarters at 453 Pine Street in Abilene, outgoing chair Dave Haigler said.
Taylor County Democratic Club President Roger Spier, M.D., announced an interview committee composed of Allen Glenn, Stan Treanor, Bill Dulin, John Pettit and Dr. Spier himself.
"I appreciate the work of the committee," Dr. Spier said.  "They have interviewed some quality candidates, and the candidate to emerge from the nominating process is John Pettit (shown below right helping with the party road cleanup project).  John is a dedicated, articulate Democrat who is well informed on events and issues."
John PettitThe Election Code and Democratic Party rules provide that the party County Executive Committee elect a new county chair and precinct chairs when there are vacancies. 
"John Pettit has been there for us," outgoing chair Dave Haigler said.  "He's been there when we did our road cleanup.  He has not let an injured back stop him.  He's been involved in the Book Club.  He's been there when we supported the peace protest with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford last summer.  He's served on committees.  He has been nominated to serve on the State Resolutions Committee at the party state convention in June.  I have every confidence in John," Haigler continued.
DH rebuts Bush SOTU speechHaigler (shown at left at an Everman Park rally) has served as county chair since March 15, 2004, when former chair Bobby Clark resigned early, and into the 2008 term, which began May 1, 2006.  He is resigning to become a federal administrative law judge, effective May 14, assigned to the Dallas Region of the Social Security Office of Hearings & Appeals.  He will be attending 3 weeks of training in Shreveport beginning May 15, then 4 weeks of training in Baltimore. 
"Becky & I will miss our good friends in Abilene," Haigler said.  "And it's been fun being county chair.  But being an ALJ is something I've wanted for 12 years and this is an opportunity not to be missed.  As we leave Abilene tomorrow, it's good to know that the party is in good hands,"  Haigler continued. 
"I am excited about becoming county chair," Pettit said.  "My wife Kaye wants me to do it, and my friends have encouraged me to do it."
Current members of the Democratic County Executive Committee are Haigler as county chair, and precinct chairs Lara Carlin, Stan Treanor, Carroll Chapman, Peggy McConnell, Sharon Norman (secretary), Allen Glenn, Maria Velasquez, Alice M. Spier, Robin Burrow, David Dillman, David Crymes, Lois Rockefeller, and Royse L. Kerr.  In addition, Anna Vedro serves as the party treasurer. 
Contact:  Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
email through 5/10:
after May 10: Dave@Haigler.Info
325 677-4343 - office
325 829-5959 - cell

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