Sunday, May 28, 2006


DH: Abi-Demian shutting down by June 14

The Abi-Demian served as Taylor County Democrats' online newsletter from Sept. 2004 through the July 2, 2005, picnic.  This blog, DemLog, began in March 2005 and continues to publicize Taylor County Democrats' activities and world, national, state and local news. 
The party/clubs' able leadership have decided to continue the party's online presence with www.taylorcountydemocrats.com, under the webmastership of Mike Cable (mikecable@gmail.com) and not continue the Abi-Demian. 
Thus by the time that the Abi-Demian's current contract expires on June 15, I plan to shut it down, and not pay to continue its hosting online.
Those interested in archived stories on the Abi-Demian (http://www.abi-demian.info/page5.html) have until then to retrieve them.
D. W. Haigler, Jr.
email: Judge@Haigler.Info
cell: 325 829-5959

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