Monday, April 24, 2006


No amnesty for Arnold, he's an "illegal alien"

They do not equivocate. In their ideology there is no room for compassion, human dignity or even reason. Nightly their mouthpiece in the guise of Lou Dobbs rants about hordes of "illegal aliens" invading over the border to take jobs from an economically vulnerable middle and working class. Senators Kyl and Cornyn warn us that any form of compromise or kindness would be giving "criminals" a free pass, an "amnesty" that would only encourage more lawbreakers to enter our already crowded and economically suffering nation. Congressmen Hayworth and King claim that no compromise should be made with those who have broken the law and to do so would only be a slap in the face to those who have gone through the long and arduous process of gaining legal entry into the US. In the minds of the adherents of this philosophy there are no grays, only black and white. For them the whole issue of immigration and immigration reform comes down to "they broke the law to come here... they are criminals...and should be treated as such."
But what if one of these "illegals"... these interlopers, these invaders, was one of their own? Not some poor, starving, worker with few skills and fewer prospects. Not one in whose veins runs the blood of conquistadores and the conquered. Not one who has left family and friends behind in abject poverty in hopes that he might be the one savior, provider and lifeline that might keep them from falling further and further into despair.
What if he was famous, and rich, and white, married to American royalty and the Governor of the nation's most populous state.

What if he was Arnold Schwarzenegger?

read the whole thing here.

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