Thursday, April 13, 2006


MMfA: Limbaugh says Dems want Al Qaeda immigrant votes

Limbaugh claimed Democratic Party is inviting Al Qaeda to "come on in over the southern border" so party can "take your votes"

Rush LimbaughDuring the April 11 broadcast of his nationally syndicated program, Rush Limbaugh, right, accused the Democratic Party of using the immigration debate as a "vehicle" to gain voters, proclaiming: "[I]f you're Al Qaeda, come on in over the southern border! The Democrats will take your votes as well!" In recent weeks, Limbaugh has frequently accused Democratic leaders such as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (MA) of pandering to immigrants in the hope of gaining political power and support. Limbaugh posted a compilation (subscription required) of excerpts from his radio show on his website under the title "This Isn't About 'Immigration.' It's About Advancing Liberalism, Seizing Power and Hurting America."

Full Media Matters for America story.  M.C.: What is this man smoking?

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