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DH: Haigler Appointed Federal Judge

DH joining First-Central Presbyterian ChurchABILENE, April 9 -- Texas lawyer Dave Haigler, right (click on picture to enlarge) has been appointed a federal judge assigned to the Dallas region, effective May 15, the U.S. Office of Hearings & Appeals has announced.

"It's something I've wanted to do for over ten years," Haigler said. "I'm flattered and humbled by this honor."

Haigler has been a mediator and arbitrator in addition to being a lawyer practicing in Abilene for over 20 years.

"We'll miss our good friends here," Haigler said. "But it's an opportunity not to be missed."

"Haigler could end up hearing and deciding cases in many different cities in the country," said Christopher Lee Williams, Haigler's mentor and sitting federal administrative law judge in the Dallas North Office of Hearings & Appeals. "Haigler has appeared in front of me before and I have nothing but the highest regard for him."

"There's a lot of hurting people out there and this is a chance to listen to their stories and determine who's legit and who isn't," Haigler said.

A ceremonial swearing in will be done before Retired Bankruptcy Judge John C. Akard on April 14 at 4 p.m. in the bankruptcy courtroom, Room 314, at the federal courthouse in Lubbock, 1205 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, Texas. "This is for our granddaughters in Lubbock," Haigler said. "And I learned so much from Judge Akard, so I am honored to have him receive my oath."

A second ceremonial swearing in will be done in Abilene on April 28 at 4 p.m. in the federal courtroom at 341 Pine, second floor, by U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis of Dallas, an Abilene native and former District Attorney and State District Judge here. A dutch-treat dinner roasting the new judge will be held at Harlows Smokehouse at 2002 N. Clack St. at 5 p.m. after the swearing in. "This will give my friends a last chance to poke fun at me before I can hold them in contempt," Haigler quipped. "And I am highly honored that Judge Solis would come home to swear me in."

A third ceremonial swearing in is set for May 13 at 11 a.m. at Irmo High School in Columbia, S.C. "This is for my mama, who is too frail to travel," Haigler said. "Daddy was the school principal there in 1948, and they didn't approve of all this swearing, but Mama is making an exception on this special occasion."

Judge Haigler
's official swearing in will be on his first day of training in Shreveport, LA, on May 15.

Haigler's wife Becky is retiring from her position as Spanish teacher at Cooper High School, after 24 years in Texas schools, and looking forward to developing her reading clinic. Haigler's son Justin graduated from Abilene Christian High School in 1993 and his daughter Kiersten from Abilene High School in 1996. Justin is a hotel administrator in Grapevine and Kiersten is a home healthcare nurse in Houston. Haigler is the son of Mrs. Clara Shipley Haigler of Columbia, S.C., and the late Columbia College Professor David Joseph Haigler.

Haigler's appointment will require him to resign as Taylor County Democratic Party Chair. "We will see who's willing to serve," Haigler said. "And that might lead to some musical chairs in the clubs. If a club president becomes county chair, for example, then someone will have to step up as club president," Haigler explained. Dr. Roger Spier is president of the Taylor County Democratic Club, and Anna Vedro is president of the Texas Democratic Women - Big Country Chapter. "Roger and Anna are both good, dedicated leaders and would be good as county chair," Haigler said. "I am honored to count them both as close friends."

That's terrific, Dave! Congratulations! Though I must say that you look different minus your hair and beard.
Congratulations Dave! You'll make an excellent federal judge. Good luck to you!

I think this is the happiest/saddest news I've heard all year. Congrats Dave! You deserve it. You'll be a sound, logical, fair judge. But I'm gonna miss you on campaign!
Don't go. Just because you are a great lawyer, critical thinker, and most deserving of the job and the respect that comes with it, what will Roger do in Abilene without you?

A begrudging Congratulations. Why did you drop the Jerry Garcia look?
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