Sunday, April 02, 2006


DH: Abilene Dems pick up trash

Becky & Stan picking up trashAbilene, April 2 -- Saturday morning Taylor County Democrats were out in force at I-20 Exit 277 north of the Flying J picking up their 2 miles of trash.  Becky Haigler & Stan Treanor, right, are shown doing their thing.  It is a tribute to their self-actualized status that their headgear are not fashion statements.  (Click on any picture to enlarge.)
The nasty rumor that we go out there solely to eat was vigorously denied by county chair Dave Haigler.  "That is another Republican lie," Haigler said, "to round out their lies on tort reform, abortion, and Iraq." 
Dems picnic at Flyng J after trash pickupDemocrats enjoying the picnic after the trash pickup are shown at left.  "However, the eating wasn't too bad," Club President Roger Spier said.  "We have Harold Christian of Harold's BBQ to thank for the food left over from the county convention last weekend." 
DH w muffler & bags of trash"It's amazing what some people will throw away," Haigler said.  "Here's a perfectly good muffler someone threw away (shown at right, next to all the bags of trash we picked up).  I may buy me a pickup to go with this muffler.  Can't let something like that go to waste." 
"Actually, that's him sucking in his gut," Becky said.  "A few seconds longer and he'd have passed out."
"Whatever!  Can't let a good story go to waste either," Dave said. 
Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
new email: LawMed@Haigler.Clearwire.net
or old: Dave@Haigler.Info
lawfirm webpage: www.haigler.info

Great blog. I've added the link to the Texas Democratic Women home page (http://www.tdw.org)
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