Friday, March 24, 2006


Spier: Nothing New with Mama Bush

by Bill Spier

You must have heard that Mama Bush made a donation to support Katrina relief with the stipulation that the moolah be used to buy son Neil's education software for Houston schools. Never mind that Houston was not directly impacted by the storm. That hideous crone passed her sadistic genes on to son George and larcenous ones to son Neil. So don't be surprised the good son Neil's educational software company investors read like the bin Laden roledex. (Reminder. Son Neil: he is the jerk who sat on the board of a Colorado-based savings-and-loan that went belly up in the late 80's and cost us $4 or so billions. Kevin Phillips in his book on the Bush dynasty does a good rundown on that scam Daddy got Neil out of.) All of Mama Bush's spawns lack empathy, and, of course, one is a sadist.

Josh Marshall in Talking Poinst Memo runs down a list of most investors in Bush's software company: Ignite. They are either middle east asshole friends of Daddy Bush or the usual right wing contributors to Bush political ambitions. Link over. But beware. The danger of seeing all these names on one page is the stuff of nightmares. Here are two examples: Michael Milken and Mohammed Al Saddah (of the Ultra Horizon Co. in Kuwait).

There are 30 million or so voters who admire the Bushes as good Christians or actually think that the Bush American dream could be theirs. Sure; when pigs fly. The Bush family just ain't into the rapture thing; for there is no earthly gratification therein. Nor do they buy lottery tickets. The game has to be rigged for the Bushes to step in.

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