Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Spier: If you want to know why Hillary is out raising millions

...the answer is probably: Al Gore, right.

by Bill Spier

While all you Democrats navel gaze and read drivel like the NYT Magazine article on Mark Warner, Al Gore has been running the table. Although he has not exhibited any interest in 2008, and has no campaign apparatus doing advance work, he could make the decision later and raise tens of millions of dollars in a spit second. How?

The American Prospect has been watching the new Al and writes about it in this issue: Reborn to Run: The New Al Gore. Take it in.

Gore, probably one of the smartest Harvard graduates ever, delivered that blistering anti-war speech in 2003. Rememer the one where he scolded Bush for dragging the good name of the United States into the mud or gutter. Now he is attacking the corporate media and blasted them as “dysfunctional,” and now “fails to inform the people.”

If you are a Moveon.org member like I am, Gore's brilliant and principaled attacks on Bush, the Iraq incursion, the media, and corporate contributions to global warming -- are piped right though in real time. Gore -- geek, nerd, and early promoter of the Internet -- endorsed Howard Dean in 2004. Now if Gore runs in 2008, the entire liberal (big numbers) Internet community will slide in right behind him and grease the campaign with big bucks from small donors.

I blogged previously that Dems should watch Wes Clark in 2008. It is not totally crazy to think that he might run as second man to a Gore resurgence. After all, Gore showed that he could win the popular vote even with the biased Republican ass-kissing media bashing his "style".

That is why Hillary is playing D Party banker. If Al Gore steps up, she will need all the anemic congressional pals she can muster to parry a very strong and eloquent Gore. Liberals know that Bill Clinton was about as good a Republican president as we have had since Teddy R.

Hillary is a good NY Republican senator, but not as liberal as Jacob Javits was, so she's vulnerable to a real Democrat.

Spier: I have been silent for some time, but busy writing a piece on that stupid moniker: conservatism.

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