Wednesday, March 22, 2006


MMfA: WaPo writer says Thomas confrontation shows liberal press bias

In his March 22 Media Notes column, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz wrote about an exchange President Bush had with Helen Thomas, a syndicated columnist with Hearst Newspapers, during Bush's March 21 White House news conference, in which he claimed that by calling on Thomas "for the first time in three years," Bush found "a useful foil" that allowed him "not only to punch back but to show the country that he's up against a left-wing press corps."

Full story: Media Matters for America.

D.H.: DemLog blogged the story here this morning of veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas confronting President Bush about his lies in getting us into Iraq. Was it liberal to confront Clinton on his lies about Lewinsky? What the Thomas story shows is not that the press is liberal, but that the president is still -- three years later -- unable or unwilling to differentiate between Afghanistan and Iraq in terms of harboring terrorists and involvement with the attacks of 9/11.

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