Wednesday, March 22, 2006


MMfA: USA Today lets Bush distort his lies about linking Saddam to 9-11

In a March 21 USA Today article, staff writer David Jackson reported uncritically President Bush's denial during a March 20 appearance in Cleveland, Ohio that his administration had ever claimed a direct connection between Saddam Hussein and the 9-11 terrorist attacks in making the case for war with Iraq. In addition, the article neglected to report that, in his response to an audience member's question, Bush created a straw-man argument by misrepresenting the substance of the question, saying, "I was careful never to say that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack on America."

Full article in Media Matters for America.

D.H.: I've seen video collections of Bush Administration officials including Bush & Cheney repeatedly linking Saddam to 9-11, whereas the evidence clearly shows no link whatsoever. It would take hours to document all these false claims. This story shows clearly that the Bush Administration is making a calculated bet that a working majority of the public is either so ignorant or forgetful that we will not remember the lies they have told.

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