Wednesday, March 15, 2006


DH: Ricketts speaks to Club, Executive Committee to meet

Abilene, March 15 -- The Taylor County Democratic Club will feature U.S. Congressional Candidate Robert Ricketts Thursday night at the T&P Visitor Center at 7 p.m., Club President Roger Spier said, followed by a County Party Executive Committee meeting called by County Chair Dave Haigler.
"We are proud to attract quality candidates like Robert," Dr. Spier said.  "He signals the comeback of our party."
"I agree," Haigler said.  "I am sorry to miss hearing him."
Haigler and his wife Becky are in S.C. visiting his mother in assisted living.
"County Elections Administrator Kristi Allyn called me today and advised me our party needs to take care of some business this week," Haigler said.  "And Roger has agreed to let the party piggy back onto the club meeting."
"We in the club are always happy to accommodate the party," Roger said.  "We work together well."
The business at hand is to approve the budget for the primary runoff, Haigler said, and to draw straws on ballot position for the Commissioner District 2 runoff in Merkel.
"I am recommending Roger chair the party meeting in my absence," Haigler said, "because he understands what needs to be done.  Of course, it is up to the CEC to approve its temporary chair, and they can choose anyone they want."
Party vice chair Erasmo Martinez resigned last week to devote more time to LULAC, Haigler said, making the vice chair position vacant.
"I have recommended Lara Carlin as the new vice chair," Haigler said, "but she said she is not ready."
"Just let me get through the county convention first," Carlin said.
"She's done a wonderful job as Convention Arrangements Chair," Haigler said, "and I have every confidence in her as the new vice chair.  Our theme has been 'raise up new leaders,' and Lara is a great example of that."
Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
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