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DH: Democrats pass everything unanimously at county convention

Abilene, March 26 -- Taylor County Democrats met in county convention yesterday morning at Cooper High School and passed everything they considered unanimously on voice vote, County Chair Dave Haigler said today.

"Lara Carlin's Arrangements Committee is due much of the credit for everything running so smoothly," Haigler said. "Lara thought of everything. 'Course, she had her husband, children, and parents all helping her, along with Carroll Chapman, Alice Spier and others on her committee."

Chapman's Credentials Committee signs delegates inChapman, upper left, a veteran precinct chair, chaired the Credentials Committee. "Carroll has been doing this for 50 years," Haigler said, "and it showed." (Click on any picture to enlarge.) This photo also shows Mike Cable, lower left, facing away, Camille Parrish, center, Royse Kerr, right, and Omer Hancock, second right, at the sign-in table.

"It was nice to see some new faces at the convention this year," Delegates include college girlsHaigler said. "Those included two college girls (Amanda Musick & Laura Campbell, seen at right)."

Party secretary Sharon Norman, left, and longtime precinct chair Maria Velasquez, second left, are seen in the background of this picture.

The next item of business after registration was precinct caucuses, in which each precinct large enough to select a state delegate, as well as smaller precincts grouped together to select a state DH, left, explains precinct caucusesdelegate together, met together and made their selections. Haigler, left, explains the caucus process to one of the precinct caucuses with Ted Newberry, right, Jim Halford, second right, John & Kay Pettit, 3rd & 2nd left. In the background of this photo at left are former county chair Ken Leggett, left, Harrell & Barbara Backus, right & 2nd right, and Alice Spier, 3rd right, and a precinct in the middle who are mostly not recognizeable.

After the precinct caucuses elected their state-convention delegates, the four major committees met, those being Credentials, Rules, Resolutions & Nominations. It was the Credentials Committee's job after the sign-in and caucuses to compile the official roll of the convention. It was the job of the Rules Committee, chaired by Ken Leggett, to suggest procedures and time limits for debate and recommend permanent officers for the convention.

Alice gets resolutions committee organizedIt was the job of the Resolutions Committee, chaired by Alice Spier, right, to divide up the proposed resolutions into 5 subject areas and take volunteers to serve in those interest groups. Recognizeable in this picture, from left, are Laura Campbell, Amanda Musick, Mike Cable, Camille Parrish (left row), Theron Cole (1st), Marla Banks (3rd) (middle row), and John Pettit, Robin Burrow,* Sharon Norman, Lois Rockefeller,* and Royse Kerr. (*I recognize the backs of some heads and not others; sorry.)

Roger, right, gets nominations committee goingIt was the job of the Nominations Committee, chaired by Roger Spier, right, to compile the precinct-caucus selections for state delegates, and recommend at-large delegates for the state convention. Visible in this picture are Ted Newberry, left, Rita Bottoms, Esme & Allen Glenn, and Hollis Newberry.

DH chairing county conventionAfter most of the committee work was done, the chair, left, called the general convention to order at 10:39. Visible from behind in the foreground of this picture are Harrell & Barbara Backus and Sharon Norman.

The convention passed the credentials and rules reports unanimously by acclamation. During the Nominations Committee report, slots were still vacant for the state convention, so the vote on that was deferred to allow our Democratic nominee for State Representative District 71, Dr. Mel Hailey, to speak, and others to volunteer to go to the state convention as alternates.

The delegates to state convention elected unanimously were: County Chair as delegation chair, Ken Leggett, Vice Chair of delegation, Roger D. Spier, Lois A. Rockefeller, Stan Treanor, Barbara Backus, Scott Kirk, Jason W. Gault, Amanda Musick, Mike Cable, John Pettit, Royce Kerr, John-Michael Leggett, Claude Hollis Newberry, Bill Dulin, Maria Velasquez, Dave Bach, Margaret Harlan, Theron Cole, Alice M. Spier, Mel Hailey, Lara A. Carlin, Laura K. Campbell, Camille D. Parrish, Ted Newberry.

Alternates to state convention elected unanimously were: Robin Burrow, Charles Rice, James L. Halford, Becky Haigler, Jewell Halford, Gene Ward, Ann Ward, Virginia K. Pettit, Joey Carlin, Carroll Chapman, Pierce LoPachen, Tara Lacey, Judith A. Kuykendall, Arlieta Jones, Oscar Velasquez.

The resolutions committee took the longest to complete their work and to vote on their report. The resolutions were presented in subject groups. The first group had to do with Bush Administration policies such as the Iraq war. Five delegates had questions or reservations about the wording of one or more of those, and six favored the wording as written, so those 11 people were asked to join a focus group to hammer out the wording on those resolutions. Meanwhile, the convention proceeded to consider the other groups of resolutions.

Lois Rockefeller brought a point of order that if we kept assigning groups of resolutions to focus groups, nobody would be left on the floor to vote. County Chair Haigler sustained her point of order, explaining that the rules already adopted covered that contingency, and that we would not proceed on the floor with no one present.

But no one else objected to the wording of any resolution, so there ended up being only one focus group. That one reported back after about 15 minutes of discussion with approved wording, which was accepted by the chair as an amendment to the Resolutions Committee report, and which passed unanimously, as did all the rest of the resolutions.

The most potentially-controversial resolutions were:
The convention adjourned around 11:45, in less than an hour and a half. And the Republicans say we Democrats cannot agree on anything!

Lunch was served by LULAC Youth as a fundraiser for that deserving non-profit group.

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