Friday, March 31, 2006


AFP: California protests over US immigration reform enter fifth day

AFP News, Mar 30 -- 4:48 PM US/Eastern

California students protested against proposed US immigration reform for a fifth day as Congress debates a crackdown on undocumented workers.

The protest came as President George W. Bush started a two-day summit with his Mexican counterpart Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Mexican resort of Cancun.

The American leader's first bilateral meeting was to be with Fox, whose country is worried about proposals in the US Congress to possibly criminalize unapproved entry into the country.
About 6.3 million of the more than 11 million-plus illegal immigrants believed to be in the United States are Mexican.

Bush backs a plan that would toughen border security but launch a guest worker program that would give 400,000 visas a year and open the possibility of full citizenship.

In San Diego, the major California city closest to the US-Mexican border, hundreds of high school students, mainly Hispanics, right, took to the streets to protest the measures under debate in the US Congress.

Police arrested between 30 and 40 protesters for obstruction and street actions, Music McCall, spokeswoman for the San Diego Unified School District, said. Most of the city's public schools have suspended classes until Monday.

Source: AFP-Breitbart News.

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