Monday, February 06, 2006


WaPo: Handful of Races May Tip Control of Congress

By Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza, Washington Post Staff Writers -- Monday, Page A01

Santorum with Sen. McCain, leftIn Pennsylvania, Sen. Rick Santorum (R), seen with Sen. McCain, left, has been running behind his challenger for months. In Montana, Sen. Conrad Burns (R), linked to the Jack Abramoff (below left) scandal, is on the defensive. In Ohio, Sen. Mike DeWine (R) is struggling to overcome a toxic environment of scandals that have tarnished the state Republican Party.

Not since 1994 has the party in power -- in this case the Republicans -- faced such a discouraging landscape in a midterm election. President Bush is weaker than he was just a year ago, a majority of voters in recent polls have signaled their desire for a change in direction, and Democrats outpoll Republicans on which party voters think is more capable of handling the country's biggest problems.

AbramoffThe result is a midterm already headed toward what appears to be an inevitable conclusion: Democrats are poised to gain seats in the House and in the Senate for the first time since 2000. The difference between modest gains (a few seats in the Senate and fewer than 10 in the House) and significant gains (half a dozen in the Senate and well more than a dozen in the House) is where the battle for control of Congress will be fought.

The contest begins with Republicans holding 231 House seats and Democrats holding 201, with one Democrat-leaning independent and two vacancies, split between the parties. Democrats need to gain 15 seats to dethrone the GOP majority. In the Senate, Republicans hold 55 seats to the Democrats' 44, with one Democrat-leaning independent. Democrats need six more seats to take power.

What makes the year ahead compelling is the tension between two powerful factors: the broader political environment plainly favors Democrats, but the on-the-ground realities of many races give Republicans an advantage as they seek to preserve their majorities.

Full Washington Post story.

Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
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John Hansen emailed me this message:

We'd have a much better chance if we could get rid of the "brain tumor" that is running our party - the DLC - and then challenge bush on the "security" issue while being against HIS wars and to bring the troops home.

To do that we need to get the pro-israel hawks out of our party. Hillary, kerry, edwards, vilsack, biden are not democrats and should be dumped - if we can find a way to do that. The ultimate insult to democrats is bill clinton kissing bush's butt and hanging around with bush sr., when he should be on full attack mode - of course he's never been a democrat. When a democrat gives talks to aipac or the cfr - they are not a democrat - they are a globalist.

-John Hansens
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