Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Spier: Wesley Clark Challenges Democrats

by Bill Spier

Impatient with Democrats who let Republicans dominate the propaganda war on who is best able to protect Springfield, Missouri, from Islamic bombers, Wesley Clark, right, told blogger Armando that Democrats have to get in the face of the GOP on security. Clark has not been silent since the 2004 election. Very quietly he has been punching holes in Republican illusions; and he has done it before red state audiences. Unlike Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, Clark does not dance around the Iraq issue. Clark certainly has the credentials to debunk the propaganda emanating from the White House. No one can accuse him of not having the will to pull the trigger when called for, as he did in Serbia.

Expect a more visible Clark as the 2006 elections near. If he, or anyone else, is to make a run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, they will need the momentum of a subpoena-empowered Democratic Congress to set the stage. Republicans know that a loss of either house will doom any candidate of theirs in 2008.

Clark: “The Democrats need to make that the focus of their being; that the Republicans, who have so completely sacrificed the security of this nation through incompetence and willful indifference have not only failed to secure America, they have unified our enemies, depleted our resources and stretched our military to the brink. All before the watchful eyes of the world and our enemies. Enemies that will now see America as more vulnerable in the inability of our leadership to succeed.”

As noted by Glenn Greenwald before the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Monday, Democratic senators should be attacking Gonzales on the above issue. They did. Wes Clark is being heard. He is the real thing.

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