Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Spier: More on the SOTU -- An Apocalyptic Bush?

By Bill Spier, right

President Bush ended his uninspiring address with this:

We have entered a great ideological conflict we did nothing to invite.... [E]very great movement of history comes to a point of choosing. Lincoln could have accepted peace at the cost of disunity and continued slavery. Martin Luther King could have stopped at Birmingham or at Selma, and achieved only half a victory over segregation. The United States could have accepted the permanent division of Europe, and been complicit in the oppression of others. Today, having come far in our own historical journey, we must decide: Will we turn back, or finish well?

If King stopped at Birmingham, would only half of the country remain segregated and immersed in Jim Crow? And after WWII, did Truman, Churchill and DeGaulle have any choice but to accept a divided Europe? We did accept division and did so for nearly 50 years. Is the attack on Iraq and the massive bloodshed that followed the historical journey Americans really were looking for after the criminal attack on New York and the Pentagon?

And, "Will we turn back, or finish well?" What is he saying here? I guess he meant to tell his base that we will stay tough. But does finish well have an apocalyptic nuance signaling a battle of Armageddon proportions to come? If you cannot fathom this nuance, you at least cringed when you heard two words that seemed delusional.

This speech was a press release for the shrinking base of people who will vote Republican in the 2006 Congressional races. After all, this next election is about subpoena power in Congress and who will get it.

One last Rovian gem from a speech comprised of lies and obfuscations:

"Fellow citizens, we've been called to leadership in a period of consequence."

Unfortunately, the consequences are of our own making.

D.H.: And what about this, "a great ideological conflict we did nothing to invite?" We've been betraying various factions in Iraq for decades. And in the leadership vacuum we created there, after we ran Saddam Hussein off, there has arisen a hatred for America and the west and a complicity with terror that never existed before. 75% of the people of all factions there want us out, period. This hatred is stronger than any "ideology" Bush can conceive of. And it's all of our own making. We should have finished the job in Afghanistan and brought our troops home, and not let Bush use 9/11 as a pretext for invading Iraq. We have hell to pay for that mistake.

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