Wednesday, February 01, 2006


SoJo: Palestinian comments on Hamas victory

Rev. Mitri Raheb* - SojoMail 2-01-2006 (excerpt)

I am not minimizing the threat and danger behind this green revolution. Neither do I dismiss the possibility of the society's Islamization, a potential clash between Hamas and Fatah, or the likely isolation of Palestine internationally. Yet, one must see the other side of the coin. This is the only time in the Middle East that a one-party rule has ended peacefully by democratic elections. We must accept this as the best way to rotate political power. The people decided that enough is enough with Fatah and its rule. They opted for change. This change has not only to do with the power of Hamas but also with a process that is necessary for our society. In reality, this change means the end of the PLO as we know it, since its parties and structures do not relate anymore to the issues of Palestinian society. A new political landscape has to emerge now. This brings with it endless possibilities. The identity of Fatah after Arafat has to be shaped. The leftist parties in Palestine have to wake up from their sweet dreams and ideologies, to unite, restructure and to develop a new vision. Hamas is now obliged to show their capability of delivering what they were promising, and to learn how to build a government rather than being in the "lazy chair" of the opposition. The people of Palestine have to get used to regularly call their representatives to accountability through this medium of democratic elections.

Full Sojourners Magazine online article.  Rev. Mitri Raheb is senior pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, Palestine, and general director of The International Center of Bethlehem and Dar al-Kalima Academy.

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