Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Pettit: Bushite new lies obscure old

By P.M. Carpenter Blogs

Scott McClellan said this morning that al Qaeda is a “very sophisticated enemy,” while implying that this very sophisticated enemy would have been unaware of government surveillance had it not been for the New York Times’ “unauthorized disclosure” of the surveillance program.
Later, at the Judiciary hearings, Attorney General Gonzales refused to concede to Senator Russ Feingold that previous questions about a “hypothetical situation” involving surveillance were anything but hypothetical. He repeated it several times, and with a straight face.

And while Gonzales was spinning wildly, a news item crawled along the bottom of the screen: “Defense Secretary Rumsfeld says U.S. considering military options against Iran” – followed by the news that “Britain will begin troop withdrawal from Iraq in May.”

So the old lies will soon be forgotten as the Bushies unilaterally distract from present abominations by launching new ones.

The Bush administration is on to something here that even George Orwell couldn’t imagine: No circumstances are so bleak that they can’t be improved by making them worse.

J.P.: Comments:

Surpassing George Orwell's 1984. WOW! What a legacy, Duh-bya!!

Nice analysis

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