Sunday, February 26, 2006


IANS: Rights group in India finds Bush a terrorist

by Hala Jaber

A 'praja court' (public court) in India Sunday held US President George W. Bush, right, guilty of "perpetrating terrorism in the name of fighting terrorism and killing people including women and children".

Bush, who is scheduled to visit the Andhra Pradesh capital March 3, the last day of his three-day visit to India, faced charges ranging from war mongering and mass killings to violation of all international charters and aggression against sovereign countries.

A jury comprising retired Supreme Court judge B.S.A. Swamy, human rights activist G. Haragopal and prominent writer-activist Rama Milkote heard the people and upheld eight charges against Bush.

The jury held Bush guilty of "perpetrating terrorism in the name of fighting against terrorism" and "attacking and threatening other countries using the issue of nuclear weapons as a pretext".
Bush was also found to be guilty of human rights violations and large- scale killing of people, including women and children, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq and of creating a sense of insecurity in the world.

"It is a fit case to be tried in the international court of justice," said the jury.
The public hearing on "crimes of George Bush" was held by a coalition of 40 groups including Left parties and their affiliated organisations, human rights and women's groups, and trade unions.

This was the first time that such a public hearing was held in the country against any visiting head of state or government.

A total of 13 people deposed before the jury, which asked the Indian government to call off Bush's visit.

Source: Indo-Asian News Service & Common Dreams Newsletter.

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