Tuesday, February 21, 2006


DH: Suspended Abilene LULAC president Martinez graduates from Anger-Management

Erasmo posts meeting noticeAbilene, Feb. 21 -- Erasmo Martinez (seen at left posting some legal papers at the courthouse), the local LULAC president who was suspended from office Dec. 3 for threatening to fight three associates during a September confrontation, graduates today from the Anger-Management & Conflict-Resolution Clinic, Dave Haigler said. Haigler is the director of the clinic, which is an offshoot of his mediation practice.

Martinez was set to graduate at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Abilene Civic Plaza Hotel, prior to the monthly LULAC meeting, Haigler said. Pastor Zeke Pecina of New Life Temple A/G Church at Old Anson Rd and Ambler, is the graduation speaker, whose topic is "Building Peace Among Brothers."

The Abilene Reporter News reported Sunday, Feb. 19, that two LULAC members, Anna Vedro & Dave Haigler, had been "impeached" by the District Board of Directors the day before, for allegedly refusing a valid candidate for membership.

The newspaper also reported on Saturday, Feb. 18, a successful event by LULAC, its Community Banquet, the night before, attended by 60 people and organized and hosted by Council Secretary, Anna Vedro.

Vedro refused comment on her alleged impeachment. Haigler said he and Vedro had been instructed by State LULAC Director Roger Rocha to keep negative information about LULAC out of the media, so he felt constrained not to explain what was really happening with the alleged impeachments.

"The local Board retained me to try to mediate their disputes," Haigler said, "And to teach anger-management to those who are willing. Erasmo was an eager student and made an A in the course. Pastor Pecina knows most of the parties involved and has insights that he is set to share at the graduation."

"There is a faction of two or three local people who appear to have some fairly narrow complaints, which we should be able to resolve, if we can ever sit down with them," Haigler said. "Beyond that, I am not at liberty to disclose things the Board has chosen to keep private within LULAC."

Haigler declined comment on his own alleged impeachment, other than to say, "We'll see whether any response is warranted if we ever get anything in writing."

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