Friday, February 10, 2006


Cagle: What's the fuss about Muhammad cartoons?

by Dave Haigler*

Cartoonist Daryl Cagle has a newsletter (subscribe here) in which today's edition puts the fuss about the Danish Muhammad cartoons in perspective. First, he has a link in which he displays the Danish cartoons in full, which I'd not seen before. Some of them were in Danish, which I cannot read. Some were in Arabic, which I also cannot read.

No more virgins!One, though, left, was in English, and I was able to read and understand it. (Click on any image to enlarge.) I must admit, I have frequently fantasized, not about the virgins, but about saying just that to the Muslim terrorists, if I ever were to meet one. I have strained to understand how the promise of 72 virgins could ever motivate anyone to self-destruction; but I read somewhere the explanation that in some deprived cultures, marriage is delayed so long and men are so frustrated that they will believe, well, whatever.... I hate to ridicule anyone's religious beliefs, as I assume some of my friends think mine are ridiculous as well.

Fairrington's MuhammadSecond, I learned from Cagle's newsletter that there is now a market in cartoons about the Danish cartoons, and here is a sample of that, right, by a cartoonist named Fairrington. Notice to terrorists: I did not write this cartoon. I do not know this guy. I do not like this at all. I no longer live in my house. I have moved to the mountains of Afghanistan; come bomb me there.

Fairrington's JesusThirdly, to be evenhanded about all this, which, unlike FOX News, I always try to do, I took to heart this final sample, left, from Cagle's newsletter, since I suppose any religion could profit from a little self-examination. Disclaimer: Cagle says this one was not really by Fairrington, but by someone who pirated him. But they say imitation is the best form of flattery. Notice to Christian terrorists: I no longer live in my house. I'm sure your mother loves you. I have moved to Virginia Beach and am hanging out on the set of the 700 Club, if you want to bomb me there. I'm sure it would be an expression of God's anger at some of the inanity emanating out of there recently.

*Dave Haigler, of Abilene, Texas, is the Democratic County Chair there, and an attorney-mediator-arbitrator.

David Van Os sent me the following email about this post:

Dave, thanks for distributing this. The Islamic theocrats have been terrorizing other peoples since the 7th century. Through the bloody Iraq misadventure Bush deposed a secularist and turned Iraq into a fertile breeding ground for the most virulent brand of them. Well done, Cheney, you're a real geopolitical genius. And now you want us to go after the home ground of the most fanatical of these theocrats in Iran and ratchet up the backlash against us even more.

David Van Os
(Democratic Candidate for Attorney General of Texas)
The Koran and Hadith are not very accomodating to infidels and apostates; and they provide a religious platform for violence prone clergy and theocrats to excite the masses.

But the extreme and public reaction to the cartoons by muslims not philosophically connected to western libralism comes on the heals of a very tragic ferry accident in the Red Sea. The Egyptian government's feckless reaction and treatment of survivor families brought forth significant public anger.

As much as religeous fervor seems to be the face of the past weeks' demostrations, I really believe that the anger is more an expression of class resentment over powerless to influence government and development in these countries.

If I am right, eventually the clergy become parisitical forces on their community of followers. Absent a free press and some elements of liberalism, this guerilla theater acted out in mosques has no check on it illogical motivations.
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